Girnar Tea Website

Girnar Tea Website

a proposed website design for Girnar Tea.

The next project for the website design case is proposed for Girnar Tea. To make a visualy attractive and clean layout. I’m trying to use a clean wood texture as a table and have a cup of hot tea there, also served with the visual of the fresh tea leaves. Using the type play at the banner can create a modern look for a tea website. You can try at these part, because banner is a very catchy view for the first viewer, so you can design with clean look and make an impact at first!

Wrist Watch Shop Website

Wrist Watch Shop Website

a website design for Wrist Watch Shop.

Another past website design i have created was these Wrist Watch website. I have found these design when i tried to organize my harddisk and collect all of my stuffs from the past.

These one also became one of my favorite since these was my first experience in designing a website. I used black as a dominant color to make it bold and elegant as a wrist watch shop. The layout also rich with full details wrist watch with full description of the store.