4 thoughts on “Quote Poster No.2

  1. It all depends upon what you wear and what you take along
    with you. Even in today’s tough economic times, you
    can still have an opportunity to use inexpensive, but the quality of recreational options for you and your entire family without breaking the bank.
    Thus, this serves as a dual purpose of preventing the water from entering the cockpit and also keeps the paddler dry.
    Even if the air temperature on a sunny spring day is 90 degrees, the
    water temperature can be as cold as 45 degrees.

  2. Hello ! I’m French and was just looking for a picture with this quote but couldn’t find any that I liked, yours really came out, it inspired me to make my own design of this quote. I looked at your blog and your work is really amazing, I had just a few classes of graphic design in university and really want to improve my skills. Thanks for sharing your work, it really helps develop creativity and is really pleasant to see and discover !

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